These are a few things I specialze in

Strategic Design Process

Offer a fun and innovative way to give you the best creative solutions for any of your future projects

Print Design/Typography

Complete print design projects all the way from brainstorming many options to meeting all print industry standards in this competitive industry using elegant typgraphy and all current design trends.


Offering my own personal style of illustration which can portray anything from a creepy, morbid look to a charming, friendly picture.

"to me, art is letting the pen decide where it wants to go"


A Showcase Of My Work


This is just a little bit of my back story

My name is Jason Milutinovic but everyone calls me Jay. I am a happy-go-lucky guy with a nerdy side. Films, television and books are three very important things in this world to me, almost as important as family and friends. Skateboarding and sports also are up there. Most importantly, I just simply love design. I like to use my mind, my creativity, and my imagination and translate that onto whatever medium it needs to be. Beautiful typography and illustration are two things that just make me happy. I graduated from Niagara College with an Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design and have since been working in the industry. I currently work as a Graphic Designer at Canada's largest printer, TC Media, as well as maintaining a healthy Freelance career on the side. Last year I took it upon myself to advance my education and dip my feet into the world of Web Design. I completed two online courses at OCAD, Introduction to Web Art and Design as well as Advanced Web Art and Design - CSS and JavaScript Frameworks. I found it to be an eye opening experience and since been continuing that practice during my free time so that I will soon be an expert. My imagination is like a sweet escape for me and if I can show it to others and let it be a sweet escape for them, then I would feel satisfied.

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